Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity plans are robust and reliable when handled by cloud data and networking experts.

When your servers and data are hosted by Cloudanize, they’ll be backed up and secure in our new, state-of-the-art data centers. But what happens if something outside of our control affects the network, such as an earthquake or flash flood? You’ll need a plan in place to get your data back online and your employees working again quickly.

CiriDR&BC is our disaster recovery & business continuity plan for law firms on the West Coast, providing automated data backups and a comprehensive procedure to restore your network immediately after a disaster. It’s insurance against the prolonged periods of network downtime that have been known to put small companies out of business.

Cloud-based data backups with a robust disaster recovery & business continuity plan is the surest way to protect your critical workloads, so your firm’s operations can continue uninterrupted even in the face of a formidable
force majeure.

CiriDR&BC offers compelling benefits to West Coast law firms:

  • Limited Downtime - Your organization’s productivity, financial performance, and reputation depend on being able to serve the needs of your clients around the clock.
  • Reduced Complexity - Cloudanize manages your data and the recovery process for you to ensure your clients’ SLAs pertaining to uptime are always being met.
  • Fewer Costs - The hardware & software expense associated with backing up, archiving, and retrieving company data onsite disappears with a cloud-based DRBC scheme.
  • Guaranteed Compliance - Our regulatory expertise in industries like law, finance, and healthcare ensures rules pertaining to data protection & retention are always met.
  • Easy Scalability - CiriDR&BC was designed to be seamless, so every workload on every user device is protected, even when your firm adds new users and data.


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