Cutting-edge file storage & sharing that allows lawyers to share and retrieve up-to-the-minute documents on the web from any device.

CiriShare is our file storage & sharing platform similar to Dropbox, but tailormade for law firms and small businesses. It makes exchanging, collaborating on, and retrieving documents easy by giving employees and authorized clients anywhere/anytime access to files from any web-connected device.

The main benefit is simplicity, as CiriShare removes from your users’ repertoire the cumbersome process of uploading files to email and following up with recipients to ensure they’ve been received. Instead, files in the cloud are distributed simply by adding a colleague’s name and clicking “share.”

Cloudanize will host your files and folders in our highly-secure, web-based data center, accessible by authorized users whether they’re in California or Kathmandu so collaboration and sharing is simple.

CiriShare makes document sharing easy and delivers many benefits:

  • Simplicity - File size is no issue as CiriShare accepts files of any size with the click of a mouse, to be shared with colleagues and clients by simply assigning them to the person’s email address.
  • Compatibility - Handy plugins allow users to send & receive files to CiriShare directly from their email, or send them to their email right from the software’s easy-to-use desktop interface.
  • Easy Access - Access files from your smartphone or tablet when you’re on the go, and switch right back to your PC or laptop when you get back to the office with all your mobile edits intact.
  • Collaboration - Law firms save tons of time when multiple people can contribute to files simultaneously, as opposed to having to edit files, save and attach them to emails, and send them back-and-forth.
  • Security - CiriShare files are stored safely in Cloudanize’s hi-tech West Coast data centers, and all the access and security settings are fully customizable by you and meticulously managed by us.


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