Law firms gain a competitive edge from high-powered computing resources, data-modeling apps, and sharing tools managed for them in the cloud.

Data is much more than just information with which businesses communicate and get work done. Once it’s compiled and stored on your network, it’s a trove of untapped wealth waiting to be tapped into. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, explored using different techniques, and shared with those who know how to monetize it.

Monetizing your data can be done in several ways once you’ve tapped into it, and that’s what CiriAnalytics is all about. It gives you compelling, actionable visualizations of your data for a better understanding of your operations, your clients, and, in turn, potential new revenue streams that are likely hidden in plain site.

Lawyers and business professionals looking to gain deeper insights into their companies -- and present it in ways that anyone can understand -- can create engaging and informative dashboards, and share them right from the CiriAnalytics platform. And since it’s hosted in the cloud, you won’t have to designate hardware resources and we’ll manage the software for you.

CiriAnalytics builds better business intelligence, but it also makes operations more efficient:

  • Visualize & analyze company-wide data to gain big-picture insights
  • Create instantly actionable items thanks to real-time analysis tools
  • Sort data by individual or department to assign tasks appropriately
  • Share findings with your entire organization with a click of a mouse
  • Use intuitive tools for “smart” visualizations, dashboards & reporting


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