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What benefits does CiriDesktop provide law firms?

Simply put, CiriDesktop is a safe, secure, compliant, highly available virtual infrastructure which hosts all your data and applications instead of your data being located on-site. That means you can connect to your data, documents and files anywhere as long as you have access to an Internet connection. This new technology is a rapidly growing trend as a result of its many benefits surrounding business efficiencies, flexibility, security and cost savings. Firms no longer have to spend thousands of dollars in backup and DR technologies as it is already included in the solution.

What cost savings does CiriDesktop provide a law firm?

CiriDesktop helps law firms eliminate the total cost of ownership (TCO) with having the IT infrastructure hosted onsite. The cost includes, but is not limited to, server and backup infrastructure, power consumption and HVAC costs, life cycle management of the hardware, storage, licensing (hypervisor and operating systems). Law firms also experience reduced downtime and increased productivity. Plus, our cloud computing solutions are based on fixed monthly fees, which include all your maintenance and support.

How flexible and agile is CiriDesktop?

CiriDesktop allows your attorneys to work from anywhere, anytime, and securely on any device. If you’re working on your mobile or PC and it crashes, you’ll be able to work again within minutes by jumping on another device that’s connected to the Internet. If you need a virtual workstation created for an attorney, it just takes minutes to set up. This makes managing new hires and office moves much easier to handle. Plus, everyone gets a controlled standardized workspace.

Where is my data and who owns it?

Cloudanize prides itself for being a partner with major cloud data centres around the US which allows us to offer the best of breed Disaster Recovery solutions for your infrastructure. Cloudanize holds clients’ data in escrow, meaning Cloudanize nor any of our employees have right of ownership of the data. You own your data. This is contractually stipulated in our agreements.

How secure is the cloud in terms of confidentiality and compliance?

We use advanced technologies and complex systems to ensure your business and its data are fully protected. We operate data centres with multiple physical security layers, redundant power and Internet connections, as well as enterprise software encryption.

What’s your cloud computing performance and support like?

Cloudanize prides itself on providing premier cloud computing services and support. If an issue arises, our personable technical staff address it in timely manner. All our clients’ IT needs are covered, so they can focus on their core business and clients. Moreover, we have stringent systems in place in the event of everything from minor email issues to major disaster

Can cloud computing work for any software?

While the technology is evolving, some software when working with large files (like Photoshop) are not ideal for virtual desktop environments. To discuss your particular needs, you can simply contact us.

How long does it take to get on the cloud?

To get on the cloud initially, it can take 1 to 6 weeks from the time we sign an agreement to the time we install applications and go live. Once your business is set up, users can be added or removed literally within minutes.

How would one exit the cloud service agreement?

We take pride in providing exceptional service and support and enjoy a very loyal customer base. However, if you ever chose to discontinue our services, our technical team would help you transfer to another solution with another provider.

How do I get started on the cloud?

To assess your business’ IT needs and explore the optimal cloud computing solution, you can simply contact us.

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