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  • Ruby Nahal

Why migrating your small business to the cloud is overrated…or not

Change? Progress? Innovation? Getting rid of hardware headache?

Whatevs! Who needs any of that?!

The benefits of plugging into the cloud are overrated. And I should know. I’ve worked for managed service providers for almost 10 years. I’ve played both sides and I can tell you that life is much fuller on the out-of-date method of buying and maintaining your server infrastructure side.

I remember my dad and how he loved his 1988 model Maruti 800 ( those of you who are from India know exactly what I am talking about, others please google it). He’d go on and on about that car, how he’d have to boil water to thaw the radiator on cold mornings. He always had two spares in the trunk because a blowout was a regular occurrence. I figure dad lived life more fully than I do now.

How so?

I suppose there was time for reflection as he waited for the water to boil. I believe he timed himself to see how quickly he could change a tire. What could be more healthy for the soul than self-examination and self-improvement?

That said, I dared myself to find 7 reasons why a small business owner would avoid the cloud. And here they are:

Server crashes add fun to life. Just like life, servers can be pesky and unpredictable. So, when that server does go down (and it will), remember that being on the cloud won’t taste that particular flavor of life. The strength it takes to endure the downtime and it takes a real leader to pay your staff to sit and twiddle their thumbs while the server is brought back online.

Data backup is builds accountability. Just like Jury duty does. It is our civic responsibility. Similarly taking that backup disk home every night is a honored duty not to be shunned. Business owners who chose to migrate to the cloud don’t have an occasion to practice the same quality.

Hardware configuration and software updates add the spice to life. Spending time away from home on a weekend to install, configure, and upgrade software on every computer in your business is just part of the dream of owning the business. Business owners on a managed cloud will miss out on that fun and team building.

Better Compliance, maybe. Compliance is a big deal. Every business owner with a server is subject to different physical and technical security requirements. It is your responsibility as a business owner to spend more time and resources on making sure you are in compliance. Firms with no on-site server spend their time differently.

Writing big checks feeds the ego. There’s something about pulling out your wallet and throwing cash down on the counter. Big checks for big software licensing fees are no exception. Businesses in managed cloud don’t pay atrocious licensing fees, and I suppose miss out on that brave feeling.

Installation and setup time is a bonding experience. Some have found this experience to be a great opportunity to practice anger management techniques. I mean imagine your computer crashed, and while it is being revived or reinstalled, what a great time to bond with your IT pro, or your office manager or your team. With managed cloud, you just need a username and password, and it totally circumvents that opportunity.

Power outages can help build the early rising habit. Now and then power outages do happen, and all business owners know how advantageous it can be to get ready and be in the office to power on the servers before the staff gets in. You get to see the rising sun. Business owners never have to do any of that so they are totally missing out on the beauty of rising early.

Change is not necessary

Let us throw change to the wind. Why lift a hand to change? Why build up even a drop of sweat if the system works well? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And, finally, In the words of W. Edward Deming, “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not necessary.”

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