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  • Ruby Nahal

How AWS Appstream can help schools rethink lab delivery.

I remember during my bachelor’s program back in India (it has been longer than I would like to admit), for our computer labs, we would get access to rows and rows of computers. Occasionally, there would be an out-of-order sign on one of the computers. Generally, we wanted to sit in front of the same computer we worked on the day before so we can continue on our work without having to copy it from our CD Drive. Times have changed with computer labs but as much as we would like to see.

Have times changed?

In many schools, there are still rows and rows of windows based workstations that are re-imaged every session to be ready for the next batch of students. Google drive and onedrive has changed the data access to “where ever you are”. So no more burning CD drives. Heavy weight CAD delivery to students still requires students to come in to physical lab rooms. Some of these students may not be able to afford to buy expensive laptops that can support running CAD.

But what if, you are able to deliver heavy weight graphics applications to students on web browsers on the end-point of their choice, even chromebooks? AWS appstream 2.0 allows to do just that.

What is Appstream 2.0?

With Appstream 2.0, you can stream graphics intensive applications directly to a web browser. You are charged by the hour for the number of hours the application is actively running. You can also set autoscaling policies based on capacity or schedule.

Using Appstream 2.0 helps eliminate the need to maintain windows based endpoints in lab environments. Appstream can deliver to any device and does not require the target endpoint to be a windows based environment

Appstream 2.0 integrates with Google drive and active directory which allows environments to integrate their existing AD environment and G Suite environments for authentication. For data storage, Appstream 2.0 allows to store files in AWS S3 home folders and even google drive. You can easily upload and download data using these mechanisms.

Deliver innovative labs with lower cost and maintenance.

Think a typical scenario for a school lab for delivering photoshop. Instead of maintaining windows based workstations for delivering labs, photoshop can be delivered using Amazon Appstream 2.0 on to google chromebooks. The labs are on demand so students do not need to physically be in the computer labs to finish assignments. Just the eliminated cost of GPU based windows workstation would be a huge benefit to the environment.

Cloudanize is a cloud solutions provider based in Central valley which helps businesses transition seamlessly to innovative cloud solutions. 

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