About Us

Cloudanize has a mission to raise the bar of Technology for small businesses in Central Valley.


Cloud Computing & Devoted Customer Care

Clients love working with Cloudanize because of the noticeable improvements we make to their everyday workflows, and because of our dedicated service mind. We strive to provide a “Wow!” factor in everything we do, and for law firms it starts as soon as we begin the process of migrating their in-house technology to the cloud.

Moving from in-house hardware and software to the simplicity of the cloud will give you a clear advantage over other firms, no matter your firm’s size or specialty. The advantage comes from your being able to focus on clients without ever having to undertake any of the time-consuming tasks associated with managing an IT infrastructure.

Simplicity & Efficiency

Fully managed cloud hosted desktops makes office IT much simpler to manage, and our co-founders, Ruby and Andre, have a simple philosophy, too. Cloudanize measures its success by our clients’ success, so if we improve your firm’s profitability and growth by improving your IT’s efficiency, then we’ve succeeded.

Cloudanize is based in Fresno, CA, and focuses on the technology needs of small businesses in Central Valley. But we also serve an array of businesses in California, Oregon, and Washington -- other professional service firms, medical practitioners, manufacturers -- with cloud computing solutions aimed at simplicity, efficiency and innovation.

We’re an industry leader in cloud-hosted IT infrastructure. Our goal is to provide business owners with peace of mind by removing their burden of managing an in-house IT infrastructure by themselves. We’ll move your systems to the cloud, reinstall them in our super-secure data center, and manage everything for you 24/7/365.

Services such as our signature cloud solution, CiriDesktop, were designed to help law firms and other small businesses operate more efficiently. They eliminate network downtime, give your employees 24/7 mobile access to apps & data, and guarantee cybersecurity, 24/7 help-desk support, and significantly reduced IT costs.

The Cloudanize team is specialized & certified